Endomondo features: View training plans and workout setup during workout

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    Hi Hugo, Thanks for the feedback regarding our rtraining plans and workout setup. I will pass your feedback along to the development team for review! 

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  • David Ziff

    Agreed. This was a great feature in Endomondo and I was sad to see that the new (paid version) of this app does not include it. The ability to track the training routine during the routine is critical for precisely the reasons the original poster gave. Maybe for great/expert runners it doesn't matter. But I am no expert, so I need to know how many I have left!

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  • Flavio Fonseca

    +1 for this feature!

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  • Herbrand H

    Totally agree. 

    Whitout this feature, Map my Run isn't an usefull app to me.
    I have to continue my search. I miss Endomondo :-(

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