More Activity Types for Friend challenges

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    Thanks for the feedback on adding more activities to Friend Challenges. I will pass this along to our development team for review! 

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  • Claus Gabriel

    Yes very annoying that you cant se friends challenges on a pc. And that You cant se challenges created of other people.

    Why dont You just look at endomondo and get inspired?  

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  • Jim Pechous

    Yes, I want to see "Kayak" and other paddling sports added for making custom challenges between friends. I am really going to miss the challenges we part take in. It was really a good motivator to go one kayaking extra mile (or a a couple of extra miles further then my friends). I am really going miss this feature then endomondo goes away. I guess I will resort to manually doing mile tracking on a spread sheet unless this is added. The sport "Any" does not really work since I, for example, want my other actives such as biking, walking to not be included with the kayaking miles. I am extremely disappointing that this challenge feature is going away.

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