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    Thanks for the feedback, Jim. Although we do not offer mile marked on the map within the app, we do offer this functionality on our website. You can see mileage markers on both Route Details and Workout Details, as seen below:

    Route Details
    Workout Details
    There is no way to disable them, but they do auto-adjust based on the length of your route and follows the logic below.

    X is the distance of the route (miles/km):

    • X < 10, make markers appear every 1 unit

    • 10 < X < 20, make markers appear every 2 units

    • 20 < X < 100, make mile markers appear every 5 units

    • 100 < X < 200, make mile markers appear every 10 units

    • 200+, make mile markers appear every 25 units

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  • Morag Bone

    I'd like to see this too, was really helpfull to work out my run time if I walked the first and last part as a warm up/down so I could still work out my running time.

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  • Aaron Chatham

    Agreed, having the ability to toggle on/off marker on the app from a created route would be awesome.

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  • Ad vanloon

    I am in the test period and i have the same problem.

    in endomondo I could see the distance on the track per km.

    it was verry helpful to make a new track .

    greetings Ad 

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  • Frank Theuma

    Just agreeing that I would really like to see map markers.

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