Endomondo Feature Request: Merge workouts

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    This is a great idea, Vic! We appreciate the feedback and will bring this up to our development team for consideration. 

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  • Steven Bloeyaert

    yes, this could also be good to have..

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  • Patrick Brammer

    to merge two (or three) into one has always been a great feature of Endomondo.

    Like today i rode for one hour, i walked and talked and then went back to my bike.

    and i rode another route back home.

    With endomondo i could merge the two bike rides into one.

    please make mapmyfitness do the same asap


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  • Samuel Lin

    please add this feature. sometimes I stop workout accidentally in half way, and this feature helps

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  • Brano Handzak

    Please try to implement workout merge option asap. It's very useful feature.

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