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Q. will the tag “ad_free_user” appear on ANY ticket submitted by that UID, regardless of what flavor app they’re on? Or will it only appear if they submit a ticket form the CORRECT flavor?
A. it will only exist when the user is logged in on the correct flavor (edited)
Q. Is the backend check verifying against MapMy accounts or against iTunes/Google Play store account?
A. User ID. We’ve been collecting the UIDs for every person who opens a + app for over a year (Fall 2016). Those UIDS are what the backend is checking against.
Edge case: user purchased > 1 year ago (before the harvesting of UIDs was implemented): do not have the ad-free whitelisting, and therefore see ads in the free apps. With proof of purchase,to ask BE to add their UID to database.
messaging to users? Kaely
Email before in-app messaging - Jay DeFoore
in-app message will be behind a rollout in version 17.11.0
17.11.0 will be the last version for + apps available in the app store
If they’d like to continue receiving updates, need to switch to free apps.
pop up will display on every cold start of a + app
Tentative plan to enable : end of Dec/early January
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