Getting Started - UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ Headphones

Connecting UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ Headphones to your MapMy Apps

Before attempting to connect your headphones to your mobile phone, make sure to:

  • Download and install any MapMy app on your phone
  • Turn on Bluetooth® on your phone
  • Place your UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ near your phone

1. Once the above steps have been completed, open your MapMy app and tap on the UA Sync icon in the upper right > scroll down and locate "Heart Rate" under Workout Devices.


2. Turn on your UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ by pressing and holding the middle button for at least three seconds. You should hear "power on" and "looking for device" and see flashing lights coming from the device. Then, tap "Connect" on the HR Monitor screen. Android Users: Select "UA | JBL HR" when searching for nearby devices. Once connected, you should hear "searching for heart rate" coming from your headphones, once a heart rate is detected it will display on the screen.


4. In order you to hear Audio from your headphones, you will need to connect "UA | JBL Audio" under your mobile device's bluetooth settings. iOS (left) Android (right)

Using UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ Headphones Manually

To use UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ for heart rate tracking without the accompaniment of a fitness app, you must manually turn on the HR sensor. To do so, follow the instructions below:
  • Put on your UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ headphones and power them on by pressing the center button on the remote.
  • Tap and hold on the outside of the right earbud. Hold down for 3 seconds to turn HR sensor on or off.
  • When the HR sensor is on, you can tap the right earbud once at any time during your workout for an instantaneous HR reading. 
Note: HR data will not be recorded anywhere if the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ is not connected to a fitness tracking app. You will only be able to use the headphones for taking instantaneous readings of your heart rate, not for heart rate graphs or analytics.
UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate™ Headphones Key
  • Blue/red/blue/red blinking = headphones are in discovery mode and are searching for a device
  • Blue light blinking = headphones are currently paired to a device via Bluetooth
  • Solid red light = charging


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