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    Thank you for the suggestion! A few of our other apps incorporated a feature like this with a lot of positive user feedback. We'll keep your request in mind as we begin looking at the future of Friend Challenges! Thank you, and so glad you're finding them motivational! 

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  • Krisztina Miller

    I agree with you Amanda. I use the challenges monthly and a discussion or chat section would be great...

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  • Leszek Bajdowski

    Hi, is there any followup of the private challenges topic?

    A big group of my friends is to move from endomono to any other app offering this functionality.

    What we are looking for is a private challenge setting and regular discussion on it.

    Would appreciate to have it in mapmyrun,



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  • Annita Gravesen

    Dear support. Could you please Change your settings so I can make a challenge that last a whole year? I am use to do that at Endomondo and my whole family are using the challenge to compete during the year. Hope you can do it. Thank you. Kind regards Annita

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  • Kirt Davis

    I second all the comments above. I loved the challenge feature of Endomondo and being able to compete with friends. I loved Endomondo and have used it for over 7 years. I was very disappointed to see it go. MapMyFitness is pretty good, but missing some key features I loved about Endomondo. 1- Challenges 2- The app and website mirrored each other. I could see/edit everything on both. 3 - Motivational chats from friends during a workout.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring these features into MapMyFitness.




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