Please don't remove Route Genius from the Web!

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    Thank you for highlighting the need to offer various types of routes on our Route Genius feature in app. I will pass this along to our Product Team for consideration.

    Unfortunately, our website will be removing this feature soon. You will still be able to create your own routes with our Route Creation tool or find other user-created routes in your city which we are continually working to improve.

    Many thanks!

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  • David Fischer

    Fully agree with Paul's comment. Route Genius on the web is one of the main reasons I use MapMyRide. Please DON'T remove it. It just wakens the offering from MapMyRide and gives me another reason to consider transitioning to Strava.

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  • Walter Borg

    I totally agree. I love the variety it gives me with my rides. Please don't remove it.

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  • Dianne Eagle

    First you take out the routes feature so I can't compare times and now no more route genius on the web?  Not cool!

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  • Claire Pusateri

    Also agree with route genius not being removed from the web. I like to go ahead and get all my routes figured out for the week in one swoop, and I am usually not at home when doing this (where I run from). So, for the Route Genius feature on mobile, I must be at the location I am running the genius from, which is problematic. I loved being able to input an address into Route Genius on the web.


    Additionally, I can't view my training plan on the web, so I must switch back and forth on the mobile app to verify my upcoming distances on my training plan.

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