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    We do have in integration with Apple Health and our app is available on Apple Watch. Please review the linked Help Center articles below for more info:

    Apple Health
    Apple Watch

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  • Sunny van Vlijmen

    Just like Pamela, I have to manually input my workouts to MapMyFitness. Since my TomTom GPS sports watch broke (which I usually connected to my PC and  which automatically uploaded my workouts to MMF), I only use my Apple watch for my workouts.The interface  (iPhone / Apple watch) is highly frustrating since I am not able to truly 'see' my heart rate etc. like I would be able in MapMyFitness. I have connected my Apple watch and Apple Health to MMF, but it doesn't do anything for me since I still have to manually enter every workout (which I stopped doing out of sheer frustration). I always use MMF on my PC since it is easier on the eyes. PLEASE, developers, take a heart and help us out! :)



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