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    Hey Ward, thanks for writing and inquiring about our process. We (MapMy) have not previously supported community forums before, but we really wanted to leverage the voice of our users as we redesigned the web experience. Since the new website launched about a week ago we've received nearly 1000 comments on this forum! We are so glad to have this feedback, and it is actively shaping the development and plan for our website's future.

    Some changes/features we've made in direct response to user feedback on these forums include:

    -Implementing Climb Grades on Routes
    -Continuing to support the Activity Feed on web
    -Color coding activity types on the Workout Calendar
    -Building a brand new page for aggregate statistics (similar to lifetime stats, weekly totals, etc) that is coming soon!

    And we look forward to implementing more great features this community wants to have so that we can best support you on your fitness journey.

    To answer your question directly, the reason comments may remain pending for a few days is simply that we are a small team of 3 people managing these forums, in addition to all inbound customer service requests. The influx of comments resulting from the redesign, combined with how new we are to this process, has just simply made it difficult to get everyone's post approved as quickly as we'd like.

    Please hang with us, though, and know that your feedback is very important to us! 

    Thank you,

    MapMyFitness Support

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