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    Thanks for letting us know about this functionality you'd like to see on our website! I'll let our development team know so that it can be considered in a future update.

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  • David Bowl

    I'd also love to see a search feature. I have just moved across from Endomondo due to its imminent demise and one of the main features I used in Endomondo was searching my activities by name, distance, duration etc. 



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  • Richard Mayer

    Ditto. The Official comment above by Oliva makes it sound as if a search function is a novel idea.  Search functionality is a given in most any app.    To wit, both Endo and Garmin Connect support search by name and many other filters. How has MapMyX made it this far without a search capability?     Frustrating the we are losing functionality in the Endo to MapMyX migration.  

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