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  • Commentaire officiel

    We've updated the Log Workout page, and now the "Notes" section appears back above the "Additional Stats" header.

    Fewer clicks for the win!

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  • Alexa

    Hi Hallie, We are currently aware of an issue where workouts that do not have starting times are excluded from the first day of the month. Our engineers are working to get this resolved soon!

    In the meantime, you can edit the workout to include a start time and you will no longer experience this issue.

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  • Steve Bock

    Hi -- Well, i was bummed when you took off the weekly totals column on the calendar. Now I am even more sad -- you took out the place to put in comments about the activity. I liked recording notes about the workout, what worked, what was not good, and I look back to see how I am doing. The notes are gone. Why!? Is there a way to get them back?

    Sad in 11030!

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  • Mary Mennenga

    Love it easy way to get the information of my workout's. Thank so much much better.

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  • Michael Long

    The new website is clunky and imprecise. It doesn't respond to manual entries and I can't make the minute menu move at all. I'd much rather have the old design.

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  • JoAnne Waters

    Not enjoying the new format.  I can't copy my workouts which I need to do frequently. Now I have to add them manually.  Don't fix it if it isn't broken; it worked fine the way it was before you decided to upgrade.  My vote is to go back to what we are familiar with. 

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  • Olivia

    @JoAnne you can still copy workouts, albeit you do have to click on the workout from the calendar (opens workout in new tab) > then click "Copy," seen below:

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  • Christy Rhodes

    I like using the website for a deep dive of my workouts--I prefer being able to do more on the website and making the app less "full" if you will. I feel like there's not much reason to even visit the website at this point.

    My vote is simplify (and make the download smaller on) the app and enhance the website.

    Thanks for letting us voice our opinions!

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