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    Thank you for expressing interest for seeing all of your workout history.

    You can download your full workout history as a file as described in this article. While there is no way to view this information in one list on the web at the moment, we will pass this along to our Product Team for consideration.

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  • Kris Herbison

    This used to be something you could see on the webiste, and it feels like this is an essential and fundamental thing to have.

    How else can you see trending over time of workouts by route or average speed etc.


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  • Steve M

    Is there a way to include the Workout Name in the CSV created by the download?


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  • Michelle Paris

    Thank you. Perhaps you can have severa ways to display the workouts - weekly, monthly, quarterly, year-to-date, 12 months, all. It would be very helpful. Thank you for your consideration.

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