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  • Commentaire officiel

    Hi Samantha, the stats displayed in the list view of the dashboard, as seen below, are distance, duration, and pace/speed. What activity types do you track and which stats would you like to see displayed in this view?

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  • Jorge Carvajal

    Hello, I would like to join in to ask whether it is possible to display Calories and speed (instead of pace) on the list screen of the dashboard.

    Thank you

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  • samantha how

    Hello, I apparently missed the response for this request. I was looking for Calories to be displayed. I'm not using it for running per se so I think the Distance column doesn't serve the purpose I was looking for. But if I'm able to adjust the columns myself that would be ideal. Then I can customize my view for the activity I'm trying to summarize.

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  • Sabina Kjær Christensen

    I would like to see km/hour instead of pace

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