52 week view - show a whole year



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    Thanks for the feedback, Bruce! We will be happy to pass this along to the team to take a look at. 

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  • Ebbe Nielsen

    I think the 52 weeks was implemented which is great. I would just add that the more you can add as stats the better. 

    Average pace, average heart rate, average dist/run. The stats section is really where a lot of people get their motivation from as they can track their personal goals. 

    Obviously, if this was a feature on the app it would even cooler. The current dashboard functionality seems a bit lackluster with only the option to display a week at a time. The distance stats page under the profile in the app is btwq bugged and doesnt display all your workouts correctly. Again, however, it seems only a distance functionality is present whereas a lot of other stats would be be great. 


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  • Jimmy Sørensen

    I am also looking for this. I think you should have a look at how the stats in Endomondo functioned - I am really sorry I have to use MapMyrun instead of Endomondo which worked perfect with stats. Now I can't even see the results in a graph year over year.

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