Troubleshooting Errors On Website

If you are experiencing an error on our website, it may be because you are using an outdated browser. Because we value your security and want to be able to deliver you the best user experience possible, MapMyFitness recommends that you install a current modern browser and keep it up to date.

Most of the mainstream choices: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer have options that allow you to have them check for and install updates as they become available from the vendors.

Maintaining your browser software at a current version level will allow us to deliver the richest user experience to you as well as keep the connection between our servers and your PC as secure as possible.

You can find the latest greatest versions of mainstream browsers here:




Internet Explorer:

If you have any pop-up blockers, browser extensions, work computer restrictions, or cookie blocking options enabled they may inhibit site features, so [turn them off.](

If your browser is zoomed in or magnified, hold down the Command key and plus or minus keys to correct the zoom to a hundred percent (this affects many things, including advertisements, map creation, any visual element of the site).




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