MapMy apps are now integrated into the Pact app (formerly known as Gympact). Through our new partnership, you can connect your MapMy account to your Pact account and get paid for meeting your goals. 

Get Started

To get started, complete the following:

  1. Get the app: Download Pact on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Connect accounts: Connect your MapMy account to Pact.
  3. Make a pact: Set the number of days per week you want to work out and the monetary stakes if you miss.
  4. Workout: Track your runs, walks and bike rides with the MapMy app, and all workouts with at least 30 minutes of activity above 2 miles (3.2 km) per hour will count toward your Pact.
  5. Get paid: If you meet your Pact, you get a cash reward, paid for by those who didn’t get to the gym! Once you reach $10, you can withdraw your Pact rewards via PayPal on the app.


There are several MapMy activities that count towards your Pact, including all runs, walks or bike rides tracked by GPS in the MapMy app. Workouts need to be a minimum of 30 minutes with a pace above 2 miles (3.2 km) per hour, and a maximum activity time of 3 hours long. While we encourage everyone to get moving, only one workout per day can count towards your Pact. 

Please be aware that this partnership is dependent on verified workouts, so editing any aspect of the workout will automatically dirty the verified status, thus making it ineligible for Pact. 
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