Workout Troubleshooting FAQs

Where did my workout go?

The latest version of the app has a perfect save feature, which should eliminate lost workouts in most cases. To learn how to sync un-synced workouts click here!

How do I edit a workout?

Here is a helpful article with screenshots on how to do that: Click here to learn how to edit a workout!

What do I do about my indoor workouts?

You can log an indoor workout, or record it. Click here to learn how to log a workout! For indoor workouts GPS will be turned off, and extra information will need to be entered in order to get proper calorie calculations. Click here for more info about indoor workouts.

How do I export workout data?

Exporting workout data requires the MVP membership. Currently we only offer bulk workout export in the form of CSV files. We also offer an option to download workouts individually as TCX files from their website workout summaries. To do so visit your workout calendar, pick a workout, and on the summary click the button labeled "TCX" next to the "Edit" and "Copy" options. 

How do I delete a workout?

On a mobile device, first go to your workout list view:

  • Android: Tap and hold the specified workout > tap trash bin in upper right to delete
  • iOS: Swipe from right to left on the specified workout > tap delete

On the website, the workout can be deleted from the workout details page.

How do I access my workout's heart rate information?

Heart rate graphs and analytics are currently only available in-depth on the site for MVP subscription members. On the website, you can view this data to the right of the map by changing the "Analysis Type" filter. Below the map you can see a graph of your heart rate as well. If it does not appear immediately on the workout summary graph make sure to click the translucent heart rate button alongside elevation and pace/speed. Clicking on each split will provide access to each split's data, including max pace, max heart rate and average heart rate. By clicking a workout on the site that you recorded with a heart rate monitor you will be able to see graphs and time spent in heart rate zones.

How are calories measured?

For more information about calorie measurements click here!

Can I record more than one activity type in a workout?

Unfortunately we do not have a good way to switch to a different workout while recording, or associate multiple workouts in one activity recording. For this we recommend logging or recording multiple workouts in a row

How do I view one mile/km splits?

운동이 일정한 거리 기준을 초과할 경우 앱에 표시되는 기본 스플릿의 거리도 증가합니다. This means that for workouts over 10 miles/kilometers, you will see 2 mile/kilometer splits and for workouts over 20 miles/kilometers you will see 5 mile/kilometer splits. If you are an MVP member, you can adjust this in the app by tapping the "Settings" button below "Analyze this Workout" which will allow you to choose the split distance you want displayed.

If you are not an MVP member, you will still be able to see the 1 mile splits by viewing the workout on our website. 

How do I change my activity type?

 To change your activity on your mobile device, please go to the "Record a Workout" screen >  tap the Gear Icon > tap "See More Activities" > tap "All" > tap the search bar (iOS) or magnifying glass (Android) > type your desired activity type and tap it.  

What if you do not have the activity type I want?

Please submit a support ticket and one of our agents will be in touch with you shortly!


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