Elevation Information

The mobile app and website both calculate elevation gain for recorded workouts. Our products determine elevation gain using a method called Cumulative Elevation Gain to measure the total climb of a given activity, meaning all rolling hills, and ascents are recorded as elevation gain. Our app sources this data using information from the United States Geological Survey. Please be aware that elevation can sometimes be skewed on the app if there is a GPS inaccuracy. We still cross-reference with the USGS data, but it could result in differing elevation stats.

MVP users can receive extended features for elevation, including using the segment highlighter to get an in-depth view of your workout summary and minute by minute analysis of elevation, pace, and more. 

App Elevation

Elevation can be seen on the mobile app by accessing either a route from the route list or by viewing the workout itself. On the app, press "analyze workout" in order to see your elevation information.

Web Elevation

1. Select a route from your history

2. Beneath the route preview is an area labeled Elevation with a line graph.

3. Starting and max elevation will appear alongside the total elevation gained beneath this graph. 

For more information on gain and climb visit our climb information page

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