How Do I Save and View Photos?

Add Photos

When first using the in-app camera located on the top-left corner, a dialog box will prompt you to allow MapMy to access your camera and photos. If you select "yes," any photos taken in-app will sync to your photo gallery from that point forward. To begin taking photos with any of the MapMy apps, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner at any time. 

ios.png    android.png

You also have the ability to add photos after ending your workout. After you "Hold to Finish," you can tap the camera icon towards the bottom of the save workout screen.

Photo_Oct_06__1_58_57_PM.png    Screenshot_2017-10-09-15-01-17.png

Your phone will then prompt you whether you would like to take a new picture, or upload one from your gallery. If you select multiple photos, you can change which photo is featured by tapping on any of the pictures below at the bottom of your screen. The featured photo is highlighted in green with a star. Up to five photos may be added to your workout.


new1.png             new2.png

In order to sync your workout to our servers, you must tap "Save" (iOS), or the checkmark icon (Android), in the upper right hand corner.

After saving the workout, attached photos will be visible on your Activity Feed story.

Remove Photos

To remove a photo that has been added to your workout, long-press on the miniature sized tile of the photo, as shown in the screenshot below.


After long pressing, a menu will appear that will allow you to "Remove Photo" from the workout.

Photo_Oct_09__3_47_17_PM.png    remove_photo_android.png


What if I accidentally denied camera permissions for MapMy? 

If you denied photo permissions when originally using the feature, you can either 1) reinstall the app and select the camera icon again to be re-prompted, or 2) navigate to your phone's settings > locate MapMy app permissions > toggle camera permissions on. Note: if you denied this permission and selected "never ask me again," you'll need to reinstall the app (option 1).

What if my photos don't appear to upload correctly?

Using the photos feature requires a stronger data connection to upload successfully after an activity finishes recording. A weak signal could cause the photo sync process to fail, but shouldn't affect the ability to save this photo locally to your device's photo gallery. We cannot recover lost photos, but they should still appear in your photo gallery.

Can I delete a photo after I've already saved my workout?

Once the post has been published, you cannot edit it. You'll have to delete the entire post (which will delete your workout) in order to remove the photo. A good alternative would be to edit the privacy setting of the post to "Only Me" so that you preserve your workout.

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