Course Troubleshooting FAQs

What are courses?

Courses are portions of workouts that are used to compare your effort against yourself or other members on the course leader boards. They are a competitive aspect of MapMyFitness and allow you to track your performance with friends and others who complete the same courses. Courses earn points and awards and reward repeated efforts not just speed.

Courses are public and are automatically matched to your workouts if you are using a GPS enabled device. There is nothing you need to do to enable courses, just go record a workout. If there are no courses on your workout you can create one!

For more information on creating click here


Can I apply past workouts to a newly created Course?

When you create a Course we backfill your workouts for the current calendar month. Only these workouts will be processed because prior month's leader boards are considered final at the end of the month.


I only see my best time on the Course leader board. Where can I find my other times for the course?

On the leader board for the course, change the "people" filter to "me" and adjust the time period (maximum is 1 year).


I manually entered a workout and don't see courses or points, what gives?

Courses and points are only available to workouts with GPS and timeseries. If the workout is manually entered we have no way to verify your time/performance.


Where can I find courses I've created but haven't done yet?

You can see courses that you haven't ridden yet by going to My Home/My Routes and Courses. Click the Courses tab and change the "Courses I've Done" to "Courses I've Created".


Can I make my course private?

Not currently, but we may add this feature if there is enough interest. If you are concerned about privacy, remember that we only show your first name and last initial on the leader board. If you set your workouts as private in your user settings others will not be able to click through on the leader board and see your workout or route. You can also change your first and last name on your account to something other than your real name.


A course I made doesn't show up on my workout

That shouldn't happen. Please open a support ticket and send us a link to an example workout as well as a link to the course that should have matched. We'll be happy to take a look. It could be a problem with GPS on the workout, or it could be a problem with the course itself.


I do a regular workout and sometimes the course shows up and sometimes it doesn't (intermittent matching)

This probably is due to the course start or endpoints being on the edge of your workout path. Because it is on the edge any variance in your path or GPS signal could cause the course to miss the required start or end of the course. You can often see the problem by zooming in on your course map and observing the start and end points of the course. Your best bet in this case is to recreate the course from a high quality route or workout.

The other possible cause is dropping of your GPS signal at start/end points or for a significant percentage of the course. When looking at your map you will see long straight sections for your route indicating that the signal is sent infrequently.


There are two very similar courses on my workout. Can they be merged together?

Yes, just send us the links in a support ticket. We can combine them and recalculate all the workouts. 


What happens if I do a course multiple times in the same workout?

Your fastest time from that workout is what is posted to the leader board for that workout. If you want to view all your times for that course on the workout, click the "repeat" icon in the courses list:

This will open the Course Repeats list in the Laps menu.

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