Aiming to make all athletes better, the Armour39 not only syncs with your MapMy accounts, but also unlocks one of our MVP features! Here's some questions to help you get started with yours. 

How to Use

To get started using your Armour39, follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure you have the MapMy app installed on your phone.
  2. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled within your phone settings
  3. Strap on the Armour39, wet sensors and make sure the module is in place.
  4. From the Track Workout screen, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to open up the Workout Setup page. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Add New Device." Scroll down the list of available devices and tap "Armour39."
  5. Tap “Connect”
  6. Once the device is paired, select ‘Coaching’ within the Workout Setup screen (optional)
  7. Confirm ‘WILLPower’ or Heart Rate Zone as your coaching type, and set your target WILLPower or Heart Rate Zones (iOS only)
  8. Start Workout. 


What is Armour39?

Armour39® is the first-of-its-kind performance heart rate monitor for athletes that allows all athletes to track heart rate, calories, real-time intensity, and WILLPower™- the first true measure that boils a workout down to a single score - and for the first time ever, is now integrated directly into the MapMy mobile workout experience.

What apps is Armour39 integrated with?

The Armour39 device is integrated with all MapMy apps including MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk and MapMyHike.

What data will Armour39 capture within MapMy?

Along with the data that you love and have come to expect within our apps (such as distance, time, pace and calories burned), Armour39 provides additional metrics to the mix: WILLPower™ score, heart rate, and real-time intensity.

What is WILLPower?

WILLPower is a single score of how hard your body has worked during a training session, on a scale of 0.0 – 10.0. It accumulates over the length of your workout, taking into account information that includes the length of your workout, body position, user profile, and key heart rate information like your maximum heart rate, ventilatory threshold, recovery rate, activity level, and dynamic changes in your heart rate. With WILLPower, athletes can, for the first time, objectively measure a hard day versus a light day. The scale is designed to be increasingly difficult to move up. This means that it is easier to climb up the scale from 0.0 to 3.0 than it is to climb up from 6.0 to 9.0

How do I set my WILLPower?

From the Workout Setup page, select ‘Coaching.’ Then select ‘WILLPower’ under Type (available for iOS users only). From here, select your Target value (0 to 10). If you turn on coaching you will receive voice prompts indicating how far you are toward your goal. If coaching is off, you will still see the WILLPower goal on the bar graph displayed during the workout.

What should I set my WILLPower to?

The WILLPower scale is customized to each athlete. WILLPower takes into account personal information like user profile data – age, gender, weight – and key heart rate information collected during the Assessment – maximum heart rate, ventilatory threshold, and recovery rate. As your fitness level improves, it will take less effort for you to do the same workout. This means that if you do one work out today you may score a 7.0 WILLPower score. If you do the same work out in 3 months – the same level of intensity, the same number of repetitions – you may score a slightly lower WILLPower score. This is because it demands less of your body to perform this workout so it requires less WILLPower.

How is Intensity measured?

Intensity is a percentage indicating how hard your body is working in that second. You will not record an intensity measure when you are not working out. That is because your current active heart rate must be above your active threshold to register intensity. 

What do I do if my intensity seems too high or too low?

You may need to set or adjust your heart rate zones. Within the app, go to Settings > Heart Rate Zones and read the help information there.

How can I see my stats within the MapMy app to view WILLPower and intensity?

During your workout, select which stats matter the most to you and view in realtime. For iOS users, navigate to the app Settings and select ‘Configure Stats,’ then hold down and drag up which stats you want to be shown during your workout. For Android users, long press on the stats pane and select "Change Stat." Note, only five stats per screen will be shown.

How will I know my device is connected before I start my workout?

Once paired, an illuminated Under Armour logo will appear in the sensor bar located above the map on the Record Workout screen.

How is Armour39 different than a heart rate monitor?

The Armour39™ system captures every heartbeat, displaying the beat-to-beat information so you can see instant changes in your heart rate. Other devices take an average heart rate – based on five to ten second intervals – and provide less precise information about your performance.

Can Armour39 act as a stand-alone heart rate monitor?

Yes, heart rate data will be captured with Armour39 and saved alongside your recorded MapMy workouts through your mobile device.

Where can I view my data within MapMy post-workout?

After completing your workout, you can access it by tapping the "Training" icon on the Track Workout screen > selecting Workouts tab (iOS), or by opening the app's menu and selecting "Dashboard" > selecting Workouts tab (Android). From the list of workouts, choose your workout of interest and then tap "Analyze This Workout." You can then view two graphs visualizing workout stats, including heart rate zone distribution and Intensity / WILLPower score for Armour39. At the moment, Intensity graphs are only available on your mobile device, and will not be accessible on the web. Note: You cannot view your friends’ intensity graphs at this time.


For issues with your Armour39, check out our Help Center article on Bluetooth Sensor Troubleshooting. If you still have questions or concerns, please submit a support request here and one of our agents will be in touch soon!


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