Garmin Connect


You can link your Garmin Connect account to MapMy from the Connect Accounts & Devices page of our website, or in the app.

To connect your accounts in the app, 

  1. Open MapMy app> access the menu by tapping the "More" icon in the lower right of the Track Workout screen (iOS), or tap the three horizontal bars in the upper left (Android)
  2. Select "Connect Apps & Devices" from the menu
  3. Tap ‘Garmin’
  4. Log in with your credentials
  5. Authorize the connection

Once connected, we automatically receive the following workout information from Garmin Connect accounts: 

  • Workouts
  • Routes
  • Splits
  • Heart Rate
  • Speed & Cadence
  • Power 


Activities and stats are not syncing to MapMy account

If the information mentioned above is not syncing, review the following troubleshooting.

  1. Initiate a manual sync of data.
    • On our website, visit the Connect Accounts & Devices page and tap "Sync Data" inside the Garmin widget. This will initiate a manual sync. Wait a few minutes then check to see if your MapMy account updates with correct information. 
  2. Disconnect/reconnect within MapMy.
    • On our website, visit the Connect Accounts & Devices page and click the blue link icon within the Garmin widget. Click to disconnect it from MapMy. After doing so, reconnect Garmin and check if the data transfers to MapMy within 24 hrs.
    • In the app, open the menu > select "Connect Apps & Devices" > select "Garmin" > Disconnect. Follow the same steps for reconnecting.

Activity syncs incorrectly from Garmin to MapMy

Sometimes activity types and certain stats are not mapped or coded the exact same way between apps and health devices. When this occurs with imported workouts things like bike rides can appear as a run activity type on one system and not the other. We hope to work more with our partners over time to prevent this kind of thing, but typically an easy solution is to manually edit the activity type on MapMy so it shows appropriately. 

*Note: All activity types may not be available between our partner sites. 

My Garmin vívo tracker isn't importing to MapMy

We currently do not utilize data from the Garmin Vivo devices. These particular devices use a separate API that we have not yet integrated with fully. There is not set date available when we will integrate with this API, but eventually we hope to include vívo data in our system. 

Why are average Pace and Average Speed slightly different in Garmin Connect than on MapMy?

Garmin rounds up for speed and pace, whereas MapMy rounds downward to the nearest whole second. 

How do I import all of my historical data from Garmin Connect to MapMy?

Older workouts will need to be imported manually, which can be done via our File Importer tool found at the bottom of our Connect Accounts & Devices page.


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