Route Troubleshooting FAQs

Why can't I see my route on my phone?

The routes visible under the "Routes" tab on your mobile app may not always match the routes visible on our website, especially for iOS users. This is because the routes on your app are cached locally. This means you cannot edit or delete routes on your device and have the changes reflected on our website, too. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

If you'd like to easily locate a route that is on the website but not your app, you can always bookmark it for easy access. Please note that you will need a data connection in order for the bookmarked routes to load on your mobile device.

Why is your map not updated with correct street info?

This is something you would need to report to Google Maps. If this is something that appears on Google Maps already, it will automatically update on our system at a later date. We utilize their maps and API for creating maps from your activity, thus it is something they would need to update on their maps.

Why isn't my route following the street?

Check to make sure that the box is checked for "Auto Follow Roads." This is useful for accurately tracking mileage along a route and easily tracking roads along long distances.

Note:Unchecking this box is useful when the route does not follow roads (one way roads, trails, etc.)

Why is my city name incorrect on my Route?

We are aware of the issue affecting the geolocation of some of our routes and our developers are investigating. We do hope to have the problem taken care of soon! 

How do I bookmark a route?

We offer bookmarking options to allow you to quickly access a planned route. Bookmarking ensures an activity will appear under the Routes menu of the app and website route lists, though it does require a data connection to load. Learn more about bookmarking a route here! 

How do I find a new route?

If you have the MVP membership you can use Route Genius, a tool to help you find some of the best possible routes for your level of activity here. This feature is available in the app by selecting your Routes list and then accessing the *Nearby* routes tab.

If you do not have the MVP membership, the best way to find a new route in your area would be to find your local area. Once you find your city and it will list various maps and activities popular in the area. If this does not suit your needs, you can still search for a map using our Map Search.

How does MapMyFitness calculate elevation?

Visit our elevation information page here! 

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