MapMyRun's Siri Integration

As of version 16.9.0, you can now use Siri to start, stop, and pause your workout using MapMyRun! To use this feature, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must be using MapMyRun version 16.9+. Check the iTunes App Store for an update!
  • Must be logged into MapMyRun (not currently available on MapMyRun+)
  • Must have granted MapMyRun app permissions to access Siri
  • Phone must be unlocked
  • Must say a phrase recognizable by Siri *
  • Phrases must be spoken in English

To grant permissions, open your iPhone's General Settings > select Siri > App Support > toggle "MapMyRun" to the on position.


Once permissions have been granted, you should be able to long press on your iPhone's Home button and say an accepted phrase to begin your workout with MapMyRun using Siri.

Accepted Phrases

In order to be recognized correctly by Siri, you must say a phrase in the following pattern:

“<Verb> [a or my] [<activity type> or workout] with MapMyRun.”

Phrases that can be used to initiate a workout with MapMyRun:

  • Start a workout with MapMyRun” - provides a list of activity types to choose from.
  • Supported activity types that can take place of the word “workout” include:
    • Run, Walk, Cycling, Treadmill Run, Treadmill Walk, Yoga, or Spin Workout
    • For example, “Start a run with MapMyRun" or “Start my walk with MapMyRun.”
  • Note: retaining the prepositions “with” and "a" in the phrase is very important. (i.e. “Start workout with MapMyRun,” should be "Start workout with MapMyRun." Similarly, “pause my workout MapMyRun" should be "pause my workout with MapMyRun"). 
  • The above phrases will not work if you already have a workout in progress. 

After successfully starting a workout with Siri, the MapMyRun app will open and initiate the recording of a workout with the activity type you selected through Siri.


Once started, you can use a number of phrases to pause, resume, and end your workout, as well. Please see the list below for approved phrases:

  • Pause my workout with MapMyRun” - Pauses the workout.
  • Resume my workout with MapMyRun” - Resumes the workout. 
  • End my workout with MapMyRun” - Ends the workout. 
  • Cancel my workout with MapMyRun” - Cancels the workout. 
    • Note: In order for the above phrases to work, you must have a workout in progress.
    • Note: You can also substitute an activity type (i.e. "run") in place of the word “workout.” For example, "cancel my run with MapMyRun." 

Important: After ending a workout, you still need to look at your phone to review the workout and "Save" it before it will sync to our servers and generate an Activity Feed story.


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