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We are now compatible with your Samsung Gear Fit2, S2, and S3 devices! To get started, please check the Gear App on your phone to make sure there are no available firmware updates. To check, open the Gear app > Settings > About Gear > Update Gear Software > Update now. You must be running the latest firmware on your Samsung Gear device in order for the MapMyRun app to work.

Once you've verified that your Gear device is running the latest firmware, please head to your Google Play Store to download the MapMyRun app for your phone. Once you have your account setup, go to the Samsung Galaxy Apps to download the Run with MapMyRun Gear app. This should automatically download the app to your Gear device. 

Getting Started

  1. Ensure that you have a strong connection to a Wireless network prior to starting the MapMyRun app. A WiFi connection is necessary for the first time set up.
  2. Press the Home button on your Gear device and scroll down to the MapMyRun app.
  3. If MapMyRun is not properly installed on your phone, a prompt will display giving you the option to download MMR.
  4. If this is your first time setting up, a prompt will appear asking you to sign in to your MMR account. Select "Accept" on your phone and you are ready to rock-n-roll!

  • NOTE: If you do not fully complete your profile prior to your first workout, the next time you open the app you may receive a "Check your network connection" error. Ensure that you have your phone with you and are on a WiFi connection to finish completing your profile setup. This process should not take longer than a few minutes. 


 Working Out

After setup is complete, the pre-record screen will appear. Here you can select the activity type, see GPS signal strength, and start workout. Activity types available: Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Hike, Outdoor Bike Ride, Indoor Run, Indoor Walk, Indoor Bike Ride, Gym (Other).

  1. Pick your activity type
  2. Select "Start"
  3. Three second countdown will begin
  4. Now you should be able to view your stats
  5. For GPS trackable workouts, the stats are as follows: duration, distance, pace, avg. pace, calories
  6. For non-GPS trackable workouts, the stats are as follows: duration and calories


How can I tell if I have a GPS signal?

In order to use the built-in GPS in your Gear device, you must go to your device settings by selecting the Home button > Settings > Connections > Location > switch "On". Now you can use the GPS from your Gear device and work out without your phone!     

How do I view my Heart Rate data while working out?

Easy! Performing a lateral swipe to the left will show you your Heart Rate data which includes current HR, HR zone, average HR, peak HR, intensity, and WILLpower. The color corresponds to which Heart Rate zone you are currently in. We will be incorporating HR into the calories burned for each workout. 

  • HR zone 1 = Blue
  • HR zone 2 = Green
  • HR zone 3 = Yellow
  • HR zone 4 = Orange
  • HR zone 5 = Red


How do I pause or save my workout?

In order to pause your workout, select the "back" button once. Select "Finish" to see the workout summary, and scroll to the bottom to Save or Discard workout. 

  • NOTE: Workouts will be saved locally until a network or WiFi connection is established. If your workout has not uploaded, refresh upload by performing a force kill on the app (hitting the Home button) and relaunching. Upon relaunch your unsynced workouts will attempt to sync to the servers provided that a network or WiFi connection is strong. 



What if my workouts are not syncing from the Gear app to MapMyRun?

This will happen if you currently do not have WiFi or data connection with the phone or Gear device. Once you are on a network connection, relaunch the MapMyRun Gear app to initiate a re-sync. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Gear device with your app? 

Yes! The MapMyRun app is now compatible with Samsung Gear S2, S3, and Fit2. 

Are steps and sleep imported from my Gear device into MapMyRun?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not yet able to import steps or sleep from Gear devices. 

Can I work out without my phone?

Yes! However, you must start the MapMyRun Gear app while your phone is still connected. Once the app has loaded, you can leave your phone behind and enjoy the hassle-free workout.

I'm having trouble redeeming the MVP subscription that comes with my Gear device. Can you help? 

Yes, check out our Help Center article, which includes detailed instructions for how to redeem your free 1 year of MVP, courtesy of Samsung.

Can I use a different MapMy app, or do I have to use MapMyRun with my Samsung Gear device?

No, at this time, you must have MapMyRun installed on your phone and your Samsung Gear device.  

Will my workouts recorded with MapMyRun on my Gear device sync with the Samsung Health app?

Yes, they will. If you don't see your workout in S Health, please re-open the MapMyRun app on your Gear device after saving the workout, and an automatic sync will be initiated. Please ensure that your Gear device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth at that time. Your workout should then appear in your MapMyRun account and Samsung Health app on your mobile device.

What if I have an iPhone?

We now offer compatibility for Samsung Gear users on iOS. In order to download and manage the application on your phone, you must have the Samsung Gear app installed first. After downloading the Samsung Gear app from the app store, pair your Gear device to the Gear app. Then you can download MapMyRun to your phone, and it will automatically install on your Samsung Gear device as well.

We are currently working on getting MyFitnessPal and Record integrated, and will have it implemented in a future release.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center, or submit a support request here.

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