UA Connected Footwear FAQs - V2


What is the UA Connected Footwear?

UA Connected Footwear contain a sensor that tracks and stores the running metrics that matter to you so you know exactly how to get better.

How does it work?

There’s a small sensor chip built into the midsole of the right shoe. You won’t feel it at all when you’re running, but that sensor automatically tracks your performance data, including speed, pace, distance, and steps. Just open the box, connect your shoes with the UA MapMyRun app, and start running.

Who is this shoe for?

Any runner who wants to track, store, and utilize performance data. With this shoe and the MVP premium service from UA MapMyRun (included with purchase), you get access to pace-based audio coaching that’s designed to help you become a better runner.

This shoe also gives runners the chance to run untethered. With our Autostart/stop feature, you can run without your phone or any additional devices. No more waiting for your watch to find a GPS signal, no more worrying about whether or not your devices are charged. Just put on your shoes and go for a run. The shoe will automatically record your workout and import the data to UA MapMyRun via Bluetooth (when your shoe and phone are in range).

What performance data is tracked?

  • Speed/Pace: MPH
  • Average pace per mile/km
  • Average stride length: The distance between the heel strike of the same foot during activity
  • Distance: How far you have run
  • Shoe Life: Total number of steps taken over the life of the shoe
  • Cadence: The number of times your foot touches the ground per minute
  • Workout summaries, including time, date, duration, and splits

Is any other information collected?

Yes. The shoe also keeps track of its own lifespan by tracking every step you take and every workout you complete. When you reach 400 miles, we’ll send you a notification that it’s time to replace your shoes. This will help you avoid the injuries that can come from running on overly worn shoes.

What is the lifespan of this shoe?

While the lifespan of any pair of shoes differs based on intensity level and type of activity, we suggest the lifespan is approximately 400 miles.

Where does the data collected from this shoe go?

All of the data collected by the UA Connected Footwear is stored in the UA MapMyRun mobile app, which is part of the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform. The UA MapMyRun mobile app is available now for download on the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store. As part of the Under Armour Connected Fitness family of apps, your workout information can also sync to UA Record. The data will also live locally on the chip in the shoe for a period of time.

Does the UA Connected Footwear work with the UA Band?

No, not at this time.

Did UA partner with a technology company to make this shoe?

Under Armour developed this shoe internally, and we partnered with leading experts across several disciplines to bring the technology to market.

What is the price?

Check out for a price listing on all UA Connected Footwear.

What premium app subscriptions come with the purchase of this shoe?

UA Connected Footwear comes with 1 year of free MapMyRun MVP services.

Where can you purchase UA Connected Footwear?

UA Connected Footwear is available to purchase on, at our Brand House stores in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and at select U.S. retailers.

Are the Record-Equipped shoes any different from their non-RE counterparts? 

The only difference between Record-Equipped shoes and non-RE shoes is the sensor technology built into the sole of shoe. All other performance benefits are the same. The built-in chip is fully embedded and sealed, and it never needs to be charged. You won’t see it, feel it, or even notice it when you’re working out.

Where is the sensor located in the shoe?

The sensor is embedded in the midsole of the right shoe. For a closer look at where the sensor is housed, check out the picture on the lid of your shoebox or visit now.

Are there sensors in both shoes?

No. The sensor is only in the right shoe.

Should I recycle this shoe because it has a battery?

The disposal of electronic devices is regulated by city, region, and country. Please contact your local recycling service center to determine how to appropriately dispose of any shoes that have a CR2032 non-removable battery.

Is it a GPS sensor, or does it have GPS tracking capabilities? 

No. The sensor is a 3-axis motion sensor.

Will I have to charge the battery?

No. The battery is optimized to outlive the shoe and is not replaceable.

How long does the battery last?

The life of the battery was designed to exceed 400 miles of active workout tracking and has a shelf life of more than 3 years.

Does the shoe have a Bluetooth connection?

The shoe is compatible with any Bluetooth Smart Ready device through companion apps like UA MapMyRun.

Is the shoe waterproof, and can I run in the rain?

The shoe’s sensor is fully embedded and secured in a leak-proof casing, so the technology is not susceptible to damage from running in the rain or through puddles and snowy/icy surfaces.

Will it track walking?

The shoe tracks every step you take. The steps, speed, and distance can be actively displayed through the app for either walking or running.

How many workouts can be saved in the shoe?

The shoe will internally store up to 5 runs before you need to sync your data with UA MapMyRun. The maximum limit per workout file is 6 hours or 47 units of measurement, which would be either 47 kilometers (metric users) or 47 miles (imperial users).

How long can data be saved in the shoe?

There is no time limit to how long your data can be saved. The shoe will keep your last 5 workouts in its memory until the battery is dead.

What happens when I go for the 6th run if I haven’t synced my shoe to the app?

If you don’t sync your shoe before your sixth run, your first run will be deleted. It is a “first in, first out” method.

How fast do I have to run for the shoe to start tracking?

You can track at any speed if you’re using a companion app like UA MapMyRun by simply pressing Start. To automatically track runs without a phone or companion device (untethered running), you need to run an 11 minute/mile pace for three minutes.

When does the shoe know that I stopped my run?

If you're using a companion app like UA MapMyRun, the app and shoe will continue recording your workout until you finish your workout on the UA MapMyRun app.

If you’re running using Auto Start (untethered running) and stop running (i.e. stop moving or start walking) for 3 or more minutes, the shoe will end your workout based on the moment you started to walk. You can always begin running again and the shoe will start recording a new workout.

Does this shoe work for interval training? How?

You can use the shoe for interval training if you’re using it in conjunction with a companion app like UA MapMyRun. We don’t recommend using the untethered feature for data collection during interval training due to the pace variations associated with this type of workout.

Why is the sensor chip embedded and not removable?

A fully embedded, non-removable sensor is vital for accuracy. Embedding the sensor ensures that the shoe is only analyzing actual running strides in its calculations.

What are the advantages of this product over competitor products?

Competitor sensors have often been “shake sensors,” which leads to incorrect and inaccurate data. As part of our commitment to building authentic performance gear, UA Connected Footwear delivers real, accurate, authentic information. And, unlike other systems, we can update ours remotely. This lets us add features and improve your shoe long after you buy it.

Can I log my runs through UA Record?

No, at this time, you can’t track or sync your UA Connected Footwear directly to UA Record; however, when you track a run in any of the MapMy applications, the workout will appear on your UA Record Dashboard and Activity Feed. This is also true when syncing your Auto Start (untethered) runs from the shoes to MapMy.

Why does the shoe only start tracking at an 11 minute/mile pace?

We chose the 11 minute/mile pace to activate the Autostart feature to ensure we’re only tracking true workouts and not “false” workouts, like jogging across the street to get quickly to the other side. This specific pace also takes into account slow starts, gait variance, and actual loft time, which is required for telling the difference between running and walking. However, the shoe’s Autostop feature has no speed limit. Autostop will automatically mark the moment you start walking and will end your workout officially once you’ve walked for three minutes.

What are the system requirements for using UA Connected Footwear?

The shoe requires that users download and install a MapMy application. This application requires iOS users to be running iOS 8.0+ and Android users to be running OS 4.3+.


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