What's the Difference Between the Different MapMy Apps?

MapMyRun, MapMyFitness, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk & MapMyHike

In terms of functionality, there is no difference between the MapMy apps. You will be able to record any type of workout using any of the apps or sites. You can use your username and password from an existing account to sign into any of our other sites and apps, so there's no need to create a second account. Your MVP membership, workouts and all other data will transfer no matter what MapMy app you use.

The main difference between the free apps and sites is that each is catered toward an individual audience and will provide nearby and recommended maps based on that app's user base, as well as a default activity type. For instance, using MapMyRun will provide nearby running routes others have recorded, while MapMyRide will provide nearby routes for cyclists.

+ Apps

The main difference between the free and paid app(s) (+ versions of our apps) is that the paid app provides an ad-free experience. Occasionally, the paid app is on sale or free for promotional periods on the app stores. 

For clarity's sake, the MapMy+ apps (paid apps) do not entitle you to the features of our MVP membership. To read more about the MVP features visit mvp.mapmyfitness.com

Frequently Asked Questions

If I delete my MapMyRide account, will it also delete my MapMyWalk account? 

Yes, if you delete any MapMy account, all of your account information will be removed from our database. This is true even if you have multiple MapMy apps installed on your phone. If you want to separate activities, you'll need to create two separate accounts.


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