Can I use my watch or activity tracker's heart rate monitor feature with MapMy?

MapMy connects with a number of compatible Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors, including some that accompany newer activity trackers with strapless or wrist-based continuous heart rate. However, not all activity trackers being released use the same Bluetooth profile to connect to apps and devices. Generally MapMy can pair with any device that uses Mio, or the following devices work well with MapMy to read heart rate information as an alternative to a heart rate chest strap: 

  • Garmin Forerunner devices with optical wrist heart rate
  • Mio ALPHA and other Mio devices

MapMy is not able to use the following devices as a heart rate monitor just yet:

  • Fitbit: Surge, Charge, Alta, Blaze
  • Polar: Loop or Polar A400
  • Jawbone UP
  • UA Band


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