iOS Motion Sensor

If you have an iPhone 5s or later, you can link the iOS Motion Sensor to the MapMyFitness app to view your daily steps. You may need to enable the iPhone Motion Sensor from within your phone's settings, as well as within the MapMy app.

To do so, first open your phone's settings > tap Privacy > Motion & Fitness > make sure "Fitness Tracking" is toggled "on." 

Next, open the MapMy app and access the menu by tapping the "More" icon in the lower right of the Track Workout screen, then select "Connect Apps & Devices" from the menu > tap "iPhone Motion Sensor."


Toggle "Enable Motion Sensor" to the on position. 


If you have connected more than one device or account that tracks steps, the app will direct you to the Manage Data Sources page and prompt you to confirm your preferred sources.


Once connected and prioritized as your step source, MapMy will import the steps tracked by your phone and display them in the 24/7 tab of your application and on our website.

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