Create a Course

To begin creating a course please read our course overview on our website to get started.

To create a course, first you'll need a route. You can either choose an existing route or create a new one. For more information about how to create a route, please view our help center content. Once you've chosen a route, you'll see a button in the upper right to "Create a Course," as shown in the screenshot below. Click here to begin creating your course.

Once in the create a course screen, you can adjust the green and red sliders to the appropriate course length. If there is a similar course you will see it on the right hand side of the page.

Once finished you can name your course and click "Next" in the upper right hand corner of the screen

Before saving your course, make sure that it follows these rules: 

Tips for Creating a Course

Be safe

Never make a course that puts someone in danger. Avoid high traffic areas; keep course finishes away from intersections so there is plenty of time to slow down. 

Make it common to the most athletes

Choose a section of road or path that the most people overlap. For instance bridges often have several bike and running paths that lead up to them. If you keep these out of the course and just use the common section of the bridge more people will match the course. 

Avoid overlapping existing courses

When creating a course we will notify you if a similar course already exists. Avoid creating duplicates or something that is too similar. This will reduce matching problems, and keep courses competitive, by making sure everyone is on the same course.

No Direction changes on the same road (out and back)

Courses are one-way only. This includes lollipops where only a section of the course is out and back.create_course_1.png

Don't place a course endpoint where it will be tripped before the end of the course. The ending location of the course should not overlap, or be close to any other section of the course.


Use a quality route or workout as the basis of your course

If the GPS quality is poor on your workout and you use this to generate your course, that noise will end up in the course and will make it hard to match. Look out for sections of your workouts where you stopped for a rest and continued. This will add false length to the course and will distort stats like speed.

We auto detect loops and repeats

When creating a course around a block or park, just make your course go around once, even if you want to measure going around several times. We will record your laps, give you times for each and make sure that the fastest  time ends up on the leader board.

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