Apple Watch

The most recent MapMyRun app now includes a new Apple Watch app with watchOS 3 support! The watch app includes:

    • Support for running a workout in the background on the watch
    • Tracking your heart rate using the watch's sensors
    • Real-time splits and heart rate zones on the watch

Installing the MapMyRun Apple Watch App 

To install the latest Apple Watch app, your iPhone and Apple Watch need to meet the following requirements:

  • Version 16.9.0 or later of MapMyRun. Note: currently, the new Apple Watch app is only available for MapMyRun and MapMyRun+ users. If you've been using a different MapMy app, you can always download MapMyRun and log in using the same email address/password to view your account history.
  • iPhone OS needs to be updated to iOS 10 or later.
  • Apple Watch must be updated to OS3.

If you already had the old MapMyRun Apple Watch app, you'll need to uninstall it from your watch. To install the latest app, open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone > scroll down to locate the MapMyRun app and tap to select it > toggle "show App on Apple Watch" to the on position. This will install the latest version of MapMyRun on your Apple Watch. Please be patient and have your phone and watch nearby while the app loads onto your watch. This process can take up to a minute.


Once installed, tap the MapMyRun icon to open the app on your watch. A prompt will appear in your MapMyRun mobile app, asking you to grant MapMyRun permission to access heart rate data collected by the watch (i.e. Apple Health). To allow, you'll need to tap "Open 'MapMyRun'" > then toggle to enable "Heart Rate" > tap "Allow" in the upper right. Once permissions are granted, it should look like the screen below (right).


If you miss this prompt initially, you can still grant the permissions by opening the Apple Health app on your iPhone > Sources > MapMyRun > toggle Heart Rate on.

Using the MapMyRun Apple Watch App

You can use MapMyRun to record a variety of workout activities. Use the digital crown dial to scroll through the available activity types before starting your workout. When you have selected it, tap the "Start" button to start your workout!


During your workout, you can view a variety of stats, including: duration, distance, pace, and current heart rate (1). Swipe right to view other panels, including heart rate zones (2) and splits (3).


To pause and resume or finish and save your workout, hard press on the Apple Watch screen. The first set of options will appear. To finish your workout, first tap 'Pause' > then 'Finish' > and don't forget to save.

aw1.jpeg aw2.jpeg aw3.jpeg

After saving your workout, a summary screen for your workout will appear. To view more stats, check out the workout on your mobile MapMyRun app. The workout should appear under your "Workouts" list shortly.

Note: To use the Apple Watch app to record any distance-based workout, you'll need to take your iPhone with you, so that the watch can use its GPS to record the workout. 


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