Friend Challenges - iOS

Creating a Friend Challenge

To create and join fitness challenges, tap the "Challenges" icon to the left of the + icon on the Start Workout screen. 你可以在「我的挑戰」(你目前正在參與的)和「新挑戰」(被贊助、當前有效,但你尚未參加的挑戰)之間進行切換。 你也可以點選螢幕右上角的「新增」圖示,以新增屬於你自己和朋友的挑戰!

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After tapping "Create," fill in the requested fields to create your challenge. Lastly, invite your friends to participate! Tap "Next" to review your Challenge Details before sending invitations to your friends. When you are ready, tap "Send Challenge." Your invited friends will receive your request and can either accept/decline the invitation to participate. Note that if your profile is set to private, you will not be able to create a friend challenge or be invited by a friend to participate.

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Viewing Challenge Leaderboards

Once your challenge has been created and at least 1 participant has accepted, you can view your challenge's leaderboard. To do so, open the MapMy app > Challenges > select "My Challenges" from the top > then select the challenge of interest.


Leaving a Friend Challenge

To leave a friend challenge you have already joined, go to the "Rules" section of the Friend Challenge > tap "Leave Challenge." If you are the challenge's creator, you must tap "End Challenge," which will end the challenge for all participants.


Leaderboard Inaccuracies

If your workouts are not counting toward a friend challenge, please make sure that you have read the rules for qualifying workouts. To view the rules, open the app > Challenges > My Challenges > tap on the challenge > tab over to "Rules."

If your workouts do adhere to the rules of the challenge, please submit a request here that we can investigate the issue further. Be sure to provide specific workout dates/activities for workouts that are not counting, and include screenshots of the current leaderboard as well as the rules pages so that our team can best triage your issue.

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