How Do I Save and View Photos?

When first using the in-app camera a dialog box will prompt you to allow your device to allow MapMyFitness to access your camera roll. If you select "yes" the full resolution photos will sync to your camera roll from that point onward. To begin taking photos with any of the MapMyFitness apps, pause your workout and select the camera icon. You may need to wait to regain a GPS signal prior to resuming the activity.

After saving the activity, photos taken are posted to your Activity Feed. The photos will not be associated with the workout or route summaries, only the Activity Feed.

If you denied photo permissions when originally using the feature, reinstall the app and select the camera icon again to select the prompt. Navigate to your phone's general setting to manage applications that are allowed to access your photos.

Note: Using the photos feature requires a stronger data connection to upload successfully after an activity finishes recording. Lack of a strong signal could cause the photo sync process to fail, but shouldn't affect the ability to save this photo locally to your device's camera roll. You'll also want to ensure there are no network or data issues when saving your activity. We cannot recover lost photos, but as mentioned above they should still appear in your camera roll. 

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