How Do I Track My Steps?

While the app itself does not have the ability to track your steps throughout the day, you can import your steps from various compatible devices which can be viewed on your 24/7 Dashboard.

Additionally, some phones have a native pedometer (motion sensor) built in, which you can use to import steps into your MapMy account. The following phones have this capability:

  • iPhone 5S and newer
  • Android: Samsung S5 and newer
  • HTC One M8 and newer

Please note that when recording a workout, the app will calculate an equivalent in "steps," that is based on the equation 2,000 steps = 1 mile. You can locate step data from the Workout Details page on our website. To access, login to > Training > Workouts > from the calendar, locate the workout of interest and click on it > select "View Workout." Steps should be located next to the Distance field, as shown below.


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