iOS Location Privacy Settings - Set to "Always"

Did you update your iPhone iOS recently? You may have seen a prompt that MapMyFitness would like to have your location settings running "Always."

Though the language in one privacy setting has changed, don't worry -- we aren't tracking you any more or less than you already gave up permission to in previous versions of the app. It's just Apple's new way of wording things for all iOS apps. 

In previous versions of Apple's iOS, MapMyFitness (and Run, Walk & Ride) users could choose from two settings for Location Services: On or Off. Apple changed these permission options originally in iOS 8, which means we here at MapMyFitness must do the same for users who want to map their runs using our GPS and mapping technology! 

The new Location Services choices include Always, While Using the App, or Never. For MapMyFitness users that want to continue to map their runs and have zero GPS interruptions during their run, the settings must be set to Always. 

We will not be tracking your location (despite the "always" setting) until you begin recording a workout. We will stop tracking your location once you finish recording your workout. 

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