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Where Can I Buy UA Sport Wireless™ earphones?

You can purchase UA Sport Wireless™ earphones from Under Armour's website or from our manufacturing partners, JBL.

Do UA Sport Wireless™ earphones come with an MVP subscription for MapMy? 

Yes, redemption instructions are located on an insert within the product box. 印刷物上印有14個字元的存取代碼,你也可以選擇登入。 如果你尚未是MMF會員,你需要先在網站上註冊,才可兌換存取代碼。 If you are already a MMF Member with an MVP Membership, you will not be able to redeem the promotion until your current membership expires.

How Do I Wear the UA Sport Wireless™ earphones?

First, it is very important that you use the correct size enhancers (rubber tips).  While the tips may appear too large, these do not go all the way into your ear canal. The enhancers are supposed to fill the entire bowl (concha) of your ear, so please be sure to try both sizes to insure a comfortable fit.

Second, we recommend wearing the cable under your chin.  This puts the mic in front, by your mouth, giving you better call quality as well as fit and stability, and a better wireless connection.

You can also wear the cable behind your neck, but be sure to use the optional cinch to keep the cables together, but do not over-tighten or the earbuds will not stay firmly in seated in your ears. 

Still having issues with the fit? Check out our Fit and Sizing Video! 


There are two sizes that come with the UA Sport Wireless™: Size 5 on the Earbuds

Size 7 in the box in a clear poly bag . The first time you change the enhancers the material might feel a little stiff. Please make sure to align the funnel of the enhancer tip over the small speaker screen of the earphone casing. If you do not know the size of the enhancer you have, you should see on the inside of each enhancer a raised stamp marked ‘R’ for Right and ‘L’ for Left. There will either be a ‘5’ indicating the small size, or ‘7’ indicating the larger size.

大部分人傾向於使用相同的左耳和右耳尺寸,但是也可以使用不同尺寸以配合不對稱的耳朵形狀。 If you are unsure of what size to wear, please take an “ear selfie” of the ear tips in your ear and send it to us at with the subject line “Sizing.”




Are the Earphones Waterproof?

The product is Water Resistant and Sweat Resistant, but you cannot swim with these earphones.

Can I Wear the Earphones in the Rain?





任何具有藍牙功能的裝置都與UA Sport Wireless™耳機相容。


藍牙的範圍因情況而異。但一般來說,在室內應有高達15米(大概50英尺以下)的範圍。 If you are using the earphones outside, conditions vary based on surroundings and body mass. 想得到最佳的連接狀態,請確保所配對的裝置置於身體前方。


How do I turn on the device?

要開啟耳機的話,先插其中一個耳機進耳朵,並長按內嵌式麥克風的中間按鈕。 你將聽到語音提示用英語說出:「power on」(意思:電源開啟),內嵌式麥克風的燈將有藍燈閃亮。 如果這是你第一次連接到一個裝置,耳機應該會立即進入配對模式, The device should recognize the UA Sport Wireless™ earphones. Once you select that option, the audible voice should state, “audio connected.”

Still having issues powering on or pairing the earphones to your device? Check out our Power and Pairing Video!


Press and hold the center button for 3-5 seconds until the audible voice states “power off.” You will briefly see a red light before the earphones completely turn off.

Still having issues powering off the earphones? Check out our Power and Paring Video!


In order to connect to a different Bluetooth device, make sure that the unit is turned off. You then must press and hold the center button for about 3-5 seconds. You should see the light blink red and blue while it is in pairing mode and the audible voice should state, “looking for device” You should see a pop up to connect, choose that option and wait for the audible voice to state, “audio connected.”

How do I charge the battery?

The device is charged by a standard micro USB charger. In order to charge the unit, gently pull out the rubber cover just below the light indicator on the left side of the inline mic. You will see the charging cable end. 

How long should I charge the battery?

It typically takes 1 to 2 hours to fully charge the device. You should get 8 full hours of battery life if the unit is fully charged. (請注意,所指的8個小時的電量取決於音量的大小和音樂的種類)。


請按中間按鈕以暫停或播放項目。 要提高音量,按住內嵌式麥克風的最上按鈕即可; 如果你想減低音量,按住內嵌式麥克風的最下按鈕即可。 如果你想播放項目向前跳,快速連按兩下最上按鈕。 如果你想播放項目向後跳,只需快速按幾下最下的按鈕。 你也可按中間按鈕以接聽或掛斷電話。

Still having issues with the track control? Check out our Controls Video!


You should hear the audible voice stating ‘low battery’ when you have about 20 minutes left of battery life on the UA Sport Wireless™earphones. If you have an Apple device, you will actually be able to see the battery life in the upper right hand corner of your phone, next to the Bluetooth symbol.



UA Sport Wireless™耳機有一年維修保養。


You may claim your warranty over phone at 800-336-4525 or contact us at to inquire about your warranty options.


For additional tips and tutorials, visit:

For phone support regarding your UA Sport Wireless™ earphones, dial: 1-800-336-4525

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